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At our very 1st Meeting
We began learning about the Girl Scout Promise and Law

We made a bracelet to wear on our right hand which will remind us that is the hand we raise when we say the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Parents please help your child work on and learn their Girl Scout Promise and Law. Most of the activities we do in Daisy Girl Scouts support and reinforce both the Promise and Law. 

Learning the Girl Scout Law Bracelet

I will do my best to be
honest and fair,
        friendly and helpful,
        considerate and caring,
        courageous and strong, and
        responsible for what I say and do,
and to
        respect myself and others,
        respect authority,
        use resources wisely,
        make the world a better place, and
        be a sister to every Girl Scout.

Light blue: Honest and Fair...The sky is blue and always rains on everyone or shines on everyone

Yellow: Friendly and Helpful... Yellow is cheerful and friendly and the color of the sun which helps all living things grow.

Lt. Green: Considerate and Caring... Light Green reminds us of the tiny new plants that sprout in the spring and require our consideration and caring to grow into healthy plants.

Red: Courageous and Strong... Red it the color of blood, it represents strength and bravery

Orange: responsible for what I say and do...Orange is the color of fire, it reminds us to always be responsible for fire can consume everything in its path if we do not use it responsibly.

Purple: Respect myself and others...Purple is the color of nobility and honor and it commands respect.

Magenta: Respect Authority... Magenta is a combination of Red and Blue, the colors of our Flag, it commands our respect.

Green: Use resources wisely... Green is the color of the grass and the trees and it reminds us to be careful to keep our earth green.

Rose: Make the World a better Place... Rose reminds us of the beautiful flower and to always find beauty in the world and try to leave it better than we found it.

Violet: Be a sister to every Girl Scout, just  like the violet flower that grows in groups, we grow best surrounded by our sister Girl Scouts.




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